YUKO Hair Straightening


If you have frizzy hair or find the kink in your hair difficult to style, Japanese straightening is designed for you. After a wash and rough dry, your therapist:

  • Applies thermal reconditioning solution to your hair.
  • Rinses your hair and applies a conditioner and heat protectant.
  • Carefully irons your hair inch-by-inch, to seal in the straightening effect.
  • Applies a neutraliser to balance the pH levels of your hair.
  • And, last, after another application of conditioner and heat protectant, blow dries your hair, leaving you with sleek and lustrous locks.

Japanese straightening is a time-intensive treatment, but easy-to-dry, frizz-free hair is well worth the wait.

Length Guide:

Shoulder length is upto 14 inches, Medium length is upto 16 inches, Long hair upto 20 inches, very long length is upto 26 inches.

YUKO isn’t a suitable service if your hair:

1. Dyed with level 6 or above colour (dark blonde).

2. Highlighted with colour or bleach

3. Hana colour

4. Relaxed hair

5. Keratin treatment repeatedly.

6. Damaged with hair iron.

5. Was damaged in the last six months

6. Have skin disorder

7. Have allergic reaction

8. Extremely fine hair